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Your car is one of the largest investments you will make. In order to protect the finish and minimize oxidation, which takes a toll on the paint finish, you should keep the exposed areas as clean as possible. Municipalities mix chemicals with the sand and gravel they spread on the streets and highways to increase surface traction. “Magnesium Chloride” is used to lower the freezing temperature of the snow pack, then mixed with salt, sand, and gravel to promote better traction in bad weather. This mixture, while making the roadways much safer during the snowy season, takes a toll on your car’s finish. Exposure to this slurry for extended periods can dull your paints finish and lead to rusting of exposed metal. This same damaging corrosion will attack the alloy finish on your wheels.  Have you noticed that some 10-year old wheels look better than other 10-year old wheels?  This is because that nasty magnesium chloride was washed off periodically, keeping them looking new! Much like changing your engine oil promotes extended engine performance, don’t forget to remove the salt, grime, and magnesium chloride from your paint at least once a week during the snowy season to protect the finish and extend the life of your car’s painted surfaces.

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