Make your car last 200,000 PLUS miles!

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There was a time when your car was worn out at 75,000 or 100,000 miles.  Not so anymore!  The past decade has brought us game-changing improvements in engine technology, lubricants and rust prevention…great news for those of us planning to hang on to our cars.  Polk Research indicates the average age of all cars on the road is 11 years…up from 8 years in 1995.  Consumer Reports tells us that the long term financial benefits of keeping a car for 200,000 miles is $30,000 or more in total savings.

Just like your 86 year old Grandmother who is still volunteering her help at the Senior Citizen center, good genes help!  Your vehicle’s “genes” are “inherited” from the manufacturer.  Go to Consumer for a listing of the most reliable car for your purposes.  Starting with a vehicle manufactured by a company with a known track record for reliability will help you begin your 200,000 mile journey.

After you’ve decided on the manufacturer , pick out a model with the features you are going to be happy with…choosing a vehicle that you may keep for 200,000 miles is a bit like selecting a spouse…if you’re not in love with her (the car) before the wedding, it probably won’t improve after the wedding.

Join us next week as we explore how you (and your car) can survive the pitfalls between the “Honey Moon” and the “Silver Anniversary”…you’ll be glad you did!

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