Murphy-Proof Your Car

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Murphy’s Law:  “If anything can go wrong, it will!”

Murphy-Proof your car to ensure it is safe and prepared for the school year.  A quick 5-step checklist will keep you from experiencing “Murphy’s Law” this fall:

  1. Are your tires properly inflated and/or wearing evenly?  Check for uneven or excessive tire wear and proper tire inflation.
  2. Are fluid levels adequate?  Check your transmission, coolant, oil, and brake, and windshield washer fluid levels.
  3. Can you see clearly?  Replace worn windshield wipers and cracked or pitted windshields
  4. Are your brakes safe?  Is there noise, squealing, shuddering, or pulling upon braking?
  5. Are all of your headlights, dash lights, and taillights operational?

A good ASE-certified technician can help you check all of the above.  Do visual checks and be aware of your car’s performance and handling characteristics. Regular maintenance is your best insurance against accidents and costly repairs, thus increasing the longevity of your car. Check our website for Auto Service special offers!

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