OEM vs. AfterMarket Parts – Worth the Savings?

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto parts are parts that are commissioned from the car’s manufacturer for a specific make of car.  Aftermarket (AM) parts are made as a replica of OEM parts, and are often less expensive than the corresponding OEM part.  So, is it worth the savings?  The answer is “be selective” and be an informed consumer.  Will the aftermarket part perform adequately, and will using that part void your car’s warranty?  Is there a warranty on the part itself?  The saying “you get what you pay for” often applies.  Be sure and ask your service advisor or auto technician for their opinion – there are instances where a non-OEM part is comparable in quality to the original, but at a significantly lower price.  In those situations, we will offer that choice to our customer and pass the cost savings on to them.  In most cases, we use OEM parts because they are made specifically for your car and are worth the investment.  Money spent now using OEM parts can save you money in decreased repair costs later!  Even oil filters vary in quality – the filters we use for routine oil changes hold oil in the filter so that the engine does not start unlubricated.   Know what parts are being used in your car, and ask about the positives and negatives regarding their use.  Be an informed consumer when having your car serviced and repaired!

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