Quick Organizing Tips for your Car!

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4 Tips on Organizing your Vehicle

Thanks to our Guest Blog Writer:  Gina Caughey from A Call to Order, Professional Organizers

Most everyone these days spends a good amount of time in their car… their ride, their mode of transportation.  If it’s not commuting to the office, it might be dropping the kids at school or their next practice in the endless schedule of activity.

Americans have made their “windshield” part of their daily routine. How much scenery do you view through it everyday??

Along with the over clutter that we have in our homes, it often spills into our errand-running chariots.


  1. The Glove Compartment. Here is a quick cheat sheet of things to keep in the glove compartment of any vehicle: Current registration, current insurance information, owner’s manual, tire information, roadside assistance, a pen, paper and flashlight. This space should be clear, and important information easily found when those unexpected incidents happen.


  2. The Center Console.  The proverbial catch-all of stuff. From loose change to straw wrappers, it has become a hidden hole of despair. One easy fix is to use silicone cupcake liners in the cup holders. When they get dirty just put them in the dishwasher for a cycle. Use zip top plastic bags also for different categories: first-aid, change, candy/gum, etc. A small accordion pocket is great for coupons, receipts, and mileage.


  3. The Trunk. Cargo areas are always a challenge. This is where anyone and everyone can be the most creative. It could be as simple as using a plastic tote or box to hold things from sliding around. Nets have become more popular with odd shaped sporting equipment. Hooks and canvas bags on the backs of headrests could be another solution, or utilize a combination of several options.


  4. Containing the Kids. Corralling children in general is an interesting experience with many trials and errors. Hanging organizers for the back of the seat are great if the child is older and can reach the items. Another method is to make a bin of books, toys or activities that will go on the seat next to the child seat. Make it a game to see how fast children can put things back into place when you get to your destination. Picture labels work well for non-readers.


Everyone is different in how live, play and utilize their individual vehicle. Plan your space for your lifestyle, and easy access to the items which will serve you best.


If you need more suggestions or struggle in areas, A Call to Order – Professional Organizers is a tremendous resource for living a simpler and more rewarding life. Visit us at A Call To Order or call us at 719-231-5425.

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