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How to Check Your Car Lights At Home

Checking Your Car Lights in Colorado SpringsJust a simple reminder – have you checked the lights on your car recently?  Be safe and avoid an expensive ticket (or a more expensive rear-end collision!) by making sure that your brake lights are all working.  Visibility through your windshield, with both headlights working, is also crucial for driving safely after nightfall.

Here are a couple of ways to check your brake lights by yourself: 

You may use a broom handle to depress the brake pedal while you go behind to see that they are lit.  Also, don’t forget to check the “third” brake light that is on many newer vehicles.

Other options: find a glass storefront, and you can often see your brake lights in the reflection if you back into a close parking spot. If all else fails, find a friend to help you out or stop by your favorite Honest Accurate Auto Service for a complimentary check.

Make sure headlights are operable, on both dim and bright settings.  If your headlight covers are cloudy and scratched, they can be polished and buffed to significantly improve their brightness.

Don’t forget to check your turn signals, front and back and both directions.  Be a courteous driver and let other drivers know your intentions.

Last but not least, if your windshield is pitted and/or cracked, summertime sunshine can be blinding.  Nothing makes your vehicle feel almost “new” like a windshield replacement!

Great headlights and a clean/non-pitted windshield are great, but your advantage is lost in a rainstorm if your wipers are worn, cracked or brittle.  A “streaky” windshield, combined with the glare of on-coming headlights or sunlight, is hazardous for everyone’s health.  So, get your wipers replaced and “drive-on”!

So, have you checked the lights on your car recently? We always check all of the above for you, whenever you are in for service. Call us today and “Happy Trails” this summer from our family to yours!

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