Spring Cleaning Tips!

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Maintain your vehicle’s value by giving it a good Spring Cleaning!

Keeping your car clean inside and out will increase the car’s value, because people see a clean car as being well-maintained.

When you are ready to sell, you will be able to ask (and get) a premium price. In the meantime, it will be more enjoyable to drive.

With every maintenance or repair service, we will vacuum your


interior floor and seats, and wipe down the dash and vinyl surfaces.

Here are a few “Spring Cleaning” tips to attend to:

Exterior Care: Use a specially designed car wash (designed to clean without removing the existing wax) to clean off the salt, magnesium chloride, and dirt particles from the paint surface. These residues erode your paint finish, and causes dirt and road grime to build up underneath your car (so don’t forget to clean the undercarriage also!). Repairing paint chips or scratches will prevent rust and further deterioration.

The paint finish will also benefit from a good wax job twice a year, to help protect the finish from our strong Colorado sun.

Interior Care: Throw away all forms of trash and discarded food. Odors from these items will attract rodents into your car. Gnawing on electrical wires can create havoc with your electrical system, which creates erratic operational problems that can be difficult to diagnose. A good vacuum will get rid of all the crumbs, and pressurized air will help get those particles from small crevices.

Maintain your car’s value by treating the vinyl surfaces with a vinyl dressing product, wipe down seats, door handles, and your dash to prevent cracking. Utilizing a sun visor/dash cover will also help protect the dash from damaging sun rays.

Don’t put off removing your snow tires: Hopefully, we are through our snowy weather! Though we may get a brief, wet spring snow, it is probably safe to change them. Snow tires are very soft and will wear more quickly on dry pavement, so save the tread and take them off now.

Check your cabin filter. Cabin filters should be changed periodically to keep your car smelling springtime fresh! Similar to your furnace filter, dust and particles are trapped in the filter and can become quite dirty and odiferous.


Clean your battery terminals.  Batteries require maintenance to continue to operate properly. The corrosion that builds up should periodically be cleaned off of battery posts and cables to maintain amperage level and a good electrical ground. Summer temperatures can be as hard on a battery as winter’s cold.

A nice spring day is a great time to spend a couple of hours cleaning and waxing your car.  Protect your investment and keep your car in tiptop shape!

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