Summer Driving Tips for Teens

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Summer Driving Tips for Teens Now that school’s out for summer, your teenager will likely be out and about more often, and that means more time behind the wheel.  Whether they’re going back and forth from summer activities or to and from work, make sure you talk to your teens about safe summer driving.

Summer Driving Tips for Teens

Give your teenage drivers these tips as they increase their summer driving for a safe summer behind the wheel.

Always wear a seatbelt.

If your teen is driving, make sure he or she understands it’s his or her responsibility to make sure every passenger is buckled up.  Sometimes kids like to cram into the backseat to avoid taking multiple cars, but there always needs to be one seatbelt per person.  In an accident, unbuckled passengers can cause more injuries to buckled passengers than themselves.  So it’s not only the law — it’s a matter of safety for everyone in the car.

Watch the speed limit.

Help your teen develop punctuality so they don’t feel the need to speed to events or activities.  They’ll be cultivating good, polite habits while staying safe on the road — and avoiding costly speeding tickets!

Don’t text and drive.

No conversation is so important that it cannot wait until you’ve arrived safely at your destination.  Make sure your teens know this.  They may think they have the multitasking skills to text and drive at the same time, but texting takes not only manual and visual focus, but also psychological focus — meaning your teen isn’t paying as much attention to the road as they should be.  Remind your teens that they can always inform their friends they’re driving somewhere before they leave and will text when they arrive if staying in constant communication is that important.  Choose your battles!

Pay attention to the road.

By the same token, teens should be reminded that their main focus should be on the road at all times.  That means keeping conversations to a minimum and not messing around with iPods to find the perfect song.

Honest Accurate Auto Services for Safe Driving

Just like you expect your teen to behave properly behind the wheel, you’ll want the car he or she is driving to behave properly, too! If you have a car in need of service, or if you’re looking to purchase a safe, reliable car for your teenage driver, visit Honest Accurate Auto at either of our Colorado Springs locations.  You can schedule an appointment online, or give us a call at 719-638-1800 for our east location or 719-598-6306 for our west location.

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