Summerization – ‘cuz ya got no time for the “summertime blues”!

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We’ve spent some time discussing ways to stretch your vehicle budget dollars.  What you don’t need are additional unexpected car breakdowns and repair bills …. you know, “the summertime blues”.  Weather extremes, both winter’s cold and summer’s heat, create differing stresses on your vehicle and should be tackled in advance, before those extremes start taking their toll.  During this winter, your car was subjected to salt, sand and mag chloride.  All are corrosive and very hard on your entire braking system.  Your fluids have experienced temperature swings of 40-60 degrees, causing condensation and moisture to gather in your engine and drive-train reservoirs.  If that’s not bad enough, you now face 80-100 degree temperatures and Colorado’s mountainous inclines, both of which are transmission killers.  Your A/C system, including your cabin filter, will soon begin working overtime.
Think about it. Your car is not so different than your body.  When do you “break down”?  It’s not when you are in good shape and unstressed, is it?  No, it’s when you fail to take care of yourself and put yourself in highly stressed situations.  Why should your car be any different ….it’s not!  So what should you do?  Well, before you head out for your first big summertime trip, make an appointment with an honest accurate ASE certified technician.   He can check your car out and make recommendations to keep your car running at peak performance … ’cuz ya got no time for the “summertime blues”.

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