Texting While driving? What do you think?

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Texting While DrivingCheck out this article by Car and Driver to see what they reveal about texting while driving.

What message are you sending to your young kids or Grandkids, and what habits are they forming as they sit in their car seats observing your casual use of the cell phone while you drive.


We are a creative bunch here in the automotive world. There must be some solution to using a phone and driving a car safely. Please send us some of your ideas so we can help solve this world wide dilema.

Jesse, here at Honest Accurate Auto West, found this article in the Feb., 2012 issue of WIRED (www.wired.com) that addresses  this dilema from another point of view. Texting and calling on your cell phone while driving is not the real issue here…driving while trying to get a text accross or a phone call made is the real nuisance! They propose building a car (and it is already developed) that can drive itself so that you can be a little more productive with your commute to work while keeping your social life in check.

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