When the Rubber Meets the Road!

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‘Tis the season for construction…and nails on the roadways.  Have you checked your tire pressure lately?

Having correct air pressure is important for even tire wear and longevity, as well as for improved gas mileage and handling. Lately, we have been seeing some slow (and not so slow!) leaks in customer’s  tires from nails or bolts imbedded in the rubber.

Tire punctures can be repaired, but only if the puncture is on the center section of the tread and not too close to the tire wall.  Also, the defect cannot be more than ¼ inch in diameter.  If you notice a slow leak, or an object in the tire, stop by and we will let you know if we can safely repair the tire.

Tire Pressure Check Colorado Springs Over time, air pressure in your tires will vary with temperatures and use.  Be sure and check your tire pressure once a month (especially in the winter), so that you maintain a consistent tire pressure.  Be aware that if you drive on a tire that doesn’t have adequate pressure, it can damage the tire wall and may end up requiring complete replacement, rather than a simple (and inexpensive) repair.

How do you know what the correct tire pressure is for your particular tires?

Look on the driver’s side door panel, or in your Owner’s Manual, for your vehicle’s recommended air pressure.  Do not go by the number written on the tire itself, as that is the maximum pressure your tires can hold.

Contact us or feel free to stop by your favorite Honest Accurate Auto Service anytime, if you would like us to check your tire pressure.  We are happy to do a complimentary check for you.

The tire air pressure is the only thing holding your car up, so don’t put off this important check!

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