What To Do When the “Check Engine Light” Comes On

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First, check your Owner’s Manual for the exact meaning of the light.  If it is the “Check Engine Light“, pay attention!  When one of our customers ignored the light and continued driving, the engine overheated, and the engine was destroyed.  On the other hand, it could be a simple fix, such as a loose gas cap.  These warning lights are your car’s way of telling you that it needs attention soon.
A skilled automotive technician can analyze what is triggering the light to turn on.  Diagnostic codes will tell your technician why the light has been activated, but he may also have to delve in deeper. For example, you may question whether diagnostics (and the associated diagnostic charge) are necessary – don’t the codes just tell the technician what to fix?  On one customer’s car, we replaced a starter at their request, without doing diagnostics (also at their request).  When the problem was not resolved, and we were asked to diagnose the problem, we found that all it needed was a simple fuse replacement.  Often, the diagnostic process will save money in the long run and will direct the technician to fix the problem area accurately.
Read our “Check Engine Light” page to review what to do if the light turns on!
Regular automotive maintenance is your best insurance for these unexpected surprises. For those in the Colorado Springs area in need of assistance with your Check Engine Light, contact Honest Accurate Auto Service at 719-638-1800 or 719-598-6306.

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