Colorado Springs Battery Service

Over the years, the demands placed upon your car’s battery and electrical systems have increased dramatically.  Many of us only think of the battery when our car fails to start our engines.  There are many electrical systems placing multiple demands on your battery in today’s vehicles:

  • ECU: Electronic Control Unit (the “brains” of your car).
  • Lights
  • Fan
  • Windows and door locks
  • Stereo and auxiliary power ports
  • Power and/or heated seats
  • Wipers/defoggers
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What affects my car battery?

Today’s batteries are working harder than ever!  Temperature extremes here in Colorado are battery killers.  Battery capacity falls by about 1% per degree below 68 degree F.  High temperatures are also hard on batteries too!  Heat can accelerate battery aging, self-discharge and electrolyte usage. 

If your battery is between 3-5 years old (or older) or if you are noticing a pattern of slow engine cranking (although sometimes there are no warning signs), stop by one of our Honest Accurate Auto Service shops and have your battery tested…it’s one pass or fail test that just might keep you off the side of the road someday.

Several other electrical issues can crop up, due to something as easy as a blown fuse or from something more complex, like rodents gnawing on brightly colored wires.   Electrical issues can be very annoying, because often you notice them only intermittently, making the source of the problem difficult the find.

Our ASE Technicians at Honest Accurate Auto Service can find the source of your vehicle’s Electrical Problems and solve them for you.  Don’t live with a door that won’t lock, a window that won’t go down (or up!), wipers that don’t move, or lights that don’t illuminate the road!  We can solve your problem and get you back on the road in no time!

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