Want to Save Your Brakes?

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Two tips to make your brake pads and rotors last longer:

  • Anticipate upcoming stops, and slow down as you approach a stop sign or stoplight. Speeding up to a light and slamming on the brakes will wear your brake pads prematurely and can heat and warp the rotors. Another benefit is increased gas mileage!
  • Keep your foot off the brake pedal, until you need to stop. “Riding the brake” will wear the brake pads and increase heat on the caliper and rotor. Warping of the rotor may be the result, especially if there is wet weather.
    For more detailed information on brakes, please visit HonestAccurateAuto.com

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  • We have used this facility since it opened. We have always been treated tremendously. This experience was no different. Jesse and his folks worked hours and hours on an ever-changing brake issue. They would not let us go until they were completely satisfied that our truck was safe and sound. It really means something when the owner of a shop personally oversees the progress of the work being performed in his shop. Thank you, Honest Accurate Auto Service!

    John Reid 10/06/2021
  • Always have a great experience with Honest Accurate! They communicate with us well and always keep us up to date with development quickly so we can make the best decisions. Highly recommend.

    Sarah Proctor 10/05/2021