CV Joints

CV stands for Constant Velocity.  The CV joints are located on the ends of your drive shaft/axle, and their purpose is to transfer the torque & power of the engine at a constant rate to the wheels. If you are hearing clicking or popping upon turning, which increases with acceleration in the turn, the noise may be coming from your CV joints. 

Each CV joint is covered by a sealed plastic or rubber boot, which is intended to keep dirt and moisture out and lubricating grease in.  There is little to no maintenance required, unless the protective boot becomes cracked or torn, which can happen with age.  If this happens, moisture and dirt are allowed in, and grease seeps out.  The result is lack of lubrication and corrosion that will damage the CV joint. 

Prevention is key here – at each Oil Change Service, the CV boots should be inspected.  At Honest Accurate Auto Service, we inspect all of your visible systems and alert you if any are starting to break down.  We will rate each of your vehicle systems Green (good to go), Yellow (caution, needs future attention), or Red (needs urgent attention).  If any of the CV boots are torn or leaking grease, either the boot and/or the entire CV axle shaft will need to be replaced. 

Be aware of all noises you may hear when driving, especially during turns, acceleration, deceleration/braking, and over bumps – all of these can alert you to potential problems that may get worse with time.  Letting your Service Advisor or technician know about noises, and when you hear them, helps with diagnosing any potential problems before they become severe.  Catching problems early will save you $$ in the long run!