Shocks and Struts

Tired of that sharp “clunk” when going over bumps?  Are your teeth chattering when going down a gravel road?  Maybe it is time to smooth out your ride!

Shocks and struts help even out the bumps in the road and also make your vehicle more stable through corners.  Shocks and struts wear with time and miles and become less effective as they age. Generally, this wear and tear happens gradually (unless you hit a particularly BIG pothole), so it is sometimes hard to notice! 

Signs that your shocks and struts need some attention:

  • Bumps and Potholes feel “harsher”
  • Gravel Roads are particularly annoying
  • Your vehicle leans over around corners, or you notice crosswinds pushing your car more than usual. Your car feels “floaty”!
  • “Clunking” noise going over bumps or with turning (sign that the shocks/struts are failing badly)
  • Upon braking, your car seems to “nose dive” and drop into the stop

Shocks and struts can actually break, leaving your car undriveable, requiring a tow to the shop.  Shocks and struts are replaced in pairs (front or rear axle) to maintain stability. If you are noticing any noises or loss of control, bring your vehicle in to Honest Accurate Auto Service for a shock and strut inspection.  Once your car is on the lift, you are welcome to take a peek at your car so we can show you what we are seeing. We will let you know if it is time to replace the shocks and struts, or if it is in your near future.

All of Honest Accurate Auto Service staff is paid on a salary basis, not on commission (commission is the standard in the industry).  Therefore, our technicians have no financial incentive to recommend work that is not needed.  Let us give you an honest evaluation of your vehicle.