Shuttle Service

Worried about sitting at the auto repair shop for hours on end?  We’ve got you covered!  Simply drop your vehicle off in the morning at Honest Accurate Auto Service, and we will quickly give you a ride back to the comfort of your home or to your workplace…and we will pick up again at the end of the day.

Whether you are having a simple oil change or maintenance on your vehicle, or brake repair, or even a diagnostic because you don’t know what the problem is, we are happy to give you a ride.  Feel comfortable knowing that we will only do the work that you have authorized.  When that work is completed or if we have further recommendations, you will be contacted before any other repairs are done.

Be assured that we have competent drivers, often retired professionals who just want to work a few hours a week.  They will make you feel comfortable and safe on your way to your destination.  We are happy to take children home (in your own carseat) in our shuttle too!

Let us at Honest Accurate Auto Service make auto maintenance and repair easy and comfortable for you.  When you make your appointment, be sure and tell us you would like a Shuttle Ride and we will get you on your way quickly!