Technician Job Description

As a technician at Honest Accurate, you will be subject to many different makes and models of vehicles and need to be able to “shift gears” frequently. With us, you will work on foreign, domestic, and European vehicles in a fast-paced environment. You will also work as a teammate amongst very talented technicians helping others where you can and providing high quality repairs.

You will need to have diagnostic skills along with the ability to do repairs to engines and transmissions, be able to do tires, brakes, suspension, and various maintenances.
This position will provide services to customer vehicles. Assistance must be provided in all areas of Honest Accurate Auto Service including but not limited to the automotive shop bays and tire repair area. The technician may also provide a safe, professional, courteous customer shuttle service by way of delivering and picking up customers using the shuttle vehicle as needed.

Major Duties and Responsibilities: The statements below are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the technician. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities duties and skills required by the employee. Employee may perform other duties as assigned.

  1. Provide technical skills to service, troubleshoot, and repair vehicles assigned to you on a daily basis. These duties may include: engine repair; automatic transmission and transaxle; manual drive train and axles; suspension and steering; brakes; electrical and electronic systems; heating and air conditioning; engine performance; routine maintenances; tire repair, mounting and balancing; wheel alignment; oil/filter service; and other major services and diagnostics as appropriate skills are obtained.
  2. These services should be completed in a thorough, professional, and timely manner without sacrificing quality.
  3. Work as a team to meet daily goals by assisting all employees which includes other technicians, service advisors, office personnel and facilities.
  4. Road test customer and company vehicles to verify customer issues and to verify technician repair.
  5. Assist in maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment in the shop.
  6. Perform any and all other duties deemed necessary and/or appropriate by management or owners.

In addition, all employees are expected to:

  • Promote teamwork and cooperative efforts.
  • Help train and give guidance to other employees when appropriate.
  • Provide both internal and external customers with the highest quality of products and services.
  • Understand and apply appropriate quality improvement processes.
  • Promote a positive and professional atmosphere.
  • Maintain a neat professional appearance along with safe attire (appropriate dress, shoes, safety equipment, etc.).

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Experience as an automotive technician through Automotive Technology schooling or on-the-job-training. A degree in Automotive Technology and ASE certification is desirable.
  • A valid Colorado driver’s license and a clean driving record will be a requirement at initial hiring. This valid Colorado driver’s license and clean driving record must be maintained. Not maintaining a license and clean record will be grounds for immediate termination.
  • Ability to read and understand written or oral instructions.
  • Ability to use basic hand or power tools.
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
  • Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to chronologically file by numbers and by alphabet.
  • Required to bend, stoop, reach or remain standing for extended periods of time.
  • Required to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • No known allergies to industrial chemicals used in the work area.
  • Requires good or correctable eyesight.
  • Required to participate in medical training/screening or monitoring programs.
  • Required to participate in safety training programs.
  • Required to read and understand all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on chemicals used in this job category.
  • Ability to prioritize and complete required duties in a timely and efficient manner.

Job Type: Full-time
Pay: Salary-based, $15.00 – $50.00 per hour


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