At Honest Accurate, we want you to feel comfortable and informed. We’re the only repair shop in town with, not one, but three ways to make sure the service you receive is Honest and Accurate:

#1: Salaried, Not Commissioned

Our business model is different from any in the industry… we pay our technicians a salary, not commission for each repair item that they do. Therefore, they have no financial incentive to recommend repairs that you don’t need.

#2: Open-Door Policy:

You will never see an “Authorized Personnel Only” sign over the door in our shops. We welcome our customers into our shop, to look at their car while on a lift or look under the hood. You will get to see first hand, if you like, your vehicle’s specific problem so that you clearly understand why we are recommending a particular service. We know your car is an important part of your family – you will feel informed, not pressured, at Honest Accurate Auto.

#3: Experience and Quality Control:

Experience matters, even when it is “just” an oil change! Our technician experience average is over 20 years, with some of our technicians having 40 year’s experience. Because of their experience, our technicians know what to look for on multiple vehicle manufacturers, models and production years. Would you want a “lube tech” inspecting safety items on your car? Not at Honest Accurate Auto. We strive to make sure your car is fixed correctly, the first time. We will test drive your car and make sure that the problem you came in for is resolved.

Call 719-638-1800 (for the East Shop) or 719-598-6306 (for the West Shop) today or complete the form below to set up a visit. We’d love to meet you and show you around. We know that checking out a new shop is important to you, so as a thank-you, use our offer below with the confidence that we’ll never recommend something you don’t need.

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