Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! What are those car noises?

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Is your car in Colorado Springs making strange noises?  How can you find out where it is coming from and if it is a serious problem?  Your honest accurate service advisor and/or mechanic can help you figure that out with a little information from you.  You are the one who drives your car consistently and knows when, where and what kind of noises it makes.  Be aware if your car sounds different, or a new noise crops up.  You can help the diagnosis procedure by relaying what the noise sounds like, when it happens and what part of the car you think it might be coming from.  A few examples of problem noises are:

CHIRP:  A sound like a bird is nesting in your engine, which could indicate a poorly adjusted belt or the idler pulley.

CLUNK:  Either front or rear end, and the suspension bushings, shock and/or strut mounts should be checked.

HUMMMMM:  Often difficult to tell exactly where it is coming from, this could be a differential or wheel bearing problem. Pay attention if it occurs on acceleration or deceleration.

GRINDING:  A terrible noise, never to be taken lightly.  Something is going bad, and needs to be looked at quickly.

There are many other types of sounds (to be addressed in future articles)that may be heard or felt, but be aware of your car’s particular sounds.  It is a good idea to leave your radio OFF for the first 5 minutes of driving, so that you are able to hear unusual or changing noises.  Being able to describe what you hear and when you hear it is critical to the diagnosis process.  The technician must be able to reproduce the sound you are complaining of in order to find out where it is coming from, and to accurately diagnose and repair the problem.  For example, if the problem you are experiencing only occurs upon starting, in a cold engine, be prepared to leave your car overnight so that the problem can be accurately addressed.  Diagnosing car repair issues is an art, and honest accurate technician enjoys the challenge of finding the problem, and repairing it accurately the first time.

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  • We have used this facility since it opened. We have always been treated tremendously. This experience was no different. Jesse and his folks worked hours and hours on an ever-changing brake issue. They would not let us go until they were completely satisfied that our truck was safe and sound. It really means something when the owner of a shop personally oversees the progress of the work being performed in his shop. Thank you, Honest Accurate Auto Service!

    John Reid 10/06/2021
  • Always have a great experience with Honest Accurate! They communicate with us well and always keep us up to date with development quickly so we can make the best decisions. Highly recommend.

    Sarah Proctor 10/05/2021