How to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions


‘Tis the Season for New Year’s Resolutions!

Time to get in shape? I checked in with a personal trainer for a few tips to help you be successful in sticking with your fitness resolution!

What is your fitness resolution for 2019? I asked Jody Robins, local Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, for her 5 Top Tips for making and keeping resolutions. Here they are:

  • Set Realistic goals, write them down and tell others about them. Then track your progress.
  • Get a fitness partner to keep you accountable. They don’t necessarily have to work out with you, but should check in on you regularly. You want the “cheerleader” type of partner, who is positive and encouraging (not a “task master” who makes you feel guilty)!
  • Plan to engage in fitness activities that you enjoy and will look forward to. Perhaps try a new fitness class or hire a trainer to learn new ways to achieve your goals. Note: In my experience with working with Jody Robins, she gave me so many new and different exercises that I had not considered and pushed me to work at a higher level, thereby getting more out of the time I was putting into working out anyway!
  • Change up your fitness routines periodically to prevent boredom and provide new challenges.
  • Don’t over emphasize the scale. Monitor other health indicators as well such as body composition, body measurements, and how your clothes fit, your sleep quality and your energy level. Sometimes when the scale is giving you no love, improvements in these other areas will reward you and keep you motivated.


Plan your workout time and put it on your calendar. It is easy to put it at the bottom of your list, and then when you get busy, workouts get put on the back burner. You will feel better about yourself and more motivated, the more you keep working out on a regular basis.

Be compassionate, yet strong, with yourself if you slip. If you have a tough week and miss your workouts or eat too many holiday treats, notice how you feel (probably heavy and sluggish) and get yourself right back on track. Don’t listen to your negative self-talk stop you from getting back into your workout routine. Head to the gym or out for a quick hike and notice how much better you feel almost immediately!

Looking for great trails in our area? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Palmer Park (Academy/Austin Bluffs) – lots of great trails right in town!
  • Stratton Open Space (SW Colorado Springs, on Cheyenne Blvd. just West of Cresta) or Bear Creek Regional Park. Bear Creek even has a dog park!
  • Monument: Spruce Mountain, Mt. Herman trailhead, or Fox Run Regional Park are fun choices!
  • Garden of the Gods Park – beautiful and accessible!
  • Black Forest Regional Park: Off Shoup Rd., turn north on Milam Rd.
  • Ute Valley Park- Rockrimmon area, Vindicator Dr.

Those are just a few of the many trails in and around Colorado Springs – great places to enjoy nature and get some exercise. The El Paso County website has trail maps of our regional parks and has many other local trail maps.

Make sure your vehicle is also in shape to get to and from outdoor activities safely. Whether you are traveling within Colorado Springs or to the mountains, be sure you get your vehicle in shape too! Start with an Oil Change Service that includes a full vehicle inspection, including checking fluid condition and levels (we will top-off as needed), brake check, tire tread depth, battery check, and much more.

Keep your New Year’s Resolutions! Let us help you get started – enter to WIN a Fitbit during your January appointment. See either location for details.



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