Wheels to Prosper Car Giveaway Recipients!

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At Honest Accurate Auto Service, we have a heart for the community and continue that tradition even today. In 2014, we decided to join in the efforts of over 62 other auto repair shops across the country, focusing our gifts and talents of auto repair that will make a difference in the lives of others. The program is called Wheels to Proper. These shops are dedicated to repairing cars and giving them away to those in need and have a heart for their community as we do. This year we were excited to give away TWO (like new) used cars (one from each shop) to two very deserving individuals. After reviewing dozens of nominations, our committee finally chose the winners and we were able to present them with their cars at Honest Accurate Auto East on Saturday, July 28th.


We were pleased to present Eliza Love with a 2003 Honda Odyssey, prepared by the West Honest Accurate Auto Service shop. Eliza is one busy lady, having two sons, Brock and Zion, as well as 2 year-old triplets! It has been quite a challenge for Eliza to get children to school and appointments without a vehicle, but she could not afford a car that would accommodate all of her children. Eliza has worked hard to further her education, with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and pursuing her PhD as well. Eliza works as a part-time director at Junior Academy, as well as teaching night classes in Adult Studies.   Eliza also gives back by teaching Sunday School at her church. Congratulations Eliza! We hope this makes life a little easier for you!


Our Tutt Blvd. Honest Accurate Auto Service shop prepared a 1999 Lexus RX300 with a new engine (and a few other parts!). We were very pleased to present this car to Angelo Bamba, a young man who has had many difficult hurdles in his life. Angelo’s aunt said that Angelo remained resilient through each tragic event in his life, and that he took all of the adversity and consciously focused on growth, getting better, getting a good education, and making sure that the sacrifices his family made were not in vain. We know that Angelo will use this vehicle to help him continue his journey towards success and helping others. He is a perfect example of what a person can do at any age with enough conviction and heart! All of us at Honest Accurate Auto Service wish Angelo the best and know whole- heartedly that this Lexus will help him along the way!


Congratulations Eliza and Angelo!


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