A/C Service at Honest Accurate Auto Service is the Coolest!

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When your air conditioning is not feeling as cold as it used to, don’t assume you just need a recharge. A full A/C service is the best value at Honest Accurate Auto Service in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

We don’t cut corners where your A/C is concerned.  Automotive air conditioning is a complicated system and requires a number of components working together to keep your vehicle cool in the summer. Our full inspection of the system will determine if there are any leaks or other issues that need attention.

Our inspection includes:

Pressure check

Evacuate refrigerant

Measure the weight of the gas

Report of our findings

Any repairs are made if needed and approved

Recharge the system

Recheck the system in a few months

Co-Owner, Bola Shonoiki, explains the process for our A/C service so you know exactly what we do during an A/C Service at Honest Accurate Auto Service.

  If you are adding refrigerant to your air conditioning each year to keep it cool, you may have a leak or other problem. We want you to have peace of mind the whole season, and a few more summers too, with our A/C Service.  We go the extra mile, without shortcuts, at Honest Accurate Auto Service, to make sure that your car, truck, or SUV is cared for by the experts.  Make your care the coolest in town!

Our A/C Service is our featured service for the month of May 2017!  More information

Give us a call or schedule an appointment online before the heat of summer gets here.


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