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What’s a high mileage Moon Car?  Well, at Honest Accurate Auto Service, a Moon Car is a vehicle that has as many miles registered on the odometer as it would take to travel from earth to the moon!  And that’s A LOT of miles! These cars qualify as high mileage vehicles.  According to NASA the moon is an average of 238,855 miles from earth.

NASA uses average distance because the moon is not always the same distance away from Earth. The orbit is not a perfect circle.  At the farthest distance, the moon is 252,088 miles away.  When it’s closest, the moon is 225,623 miles away.  With the 26,465-mile variance from the farthest to the closest distance from earth to the moon, Honest Accurate has chosen 250,000 miles as our Moon Car mileage figure.

High Mileage Moon Car
Do you have a high mileage moon car – a car with 250,000 miles or more?

We affectionately have been using the term “Moon Car” for our high mileage vehicles since spring of 2016 when one of our customers brought in his van for maintenance and it had over 500,000 miles on it.  We have seen thousands of Colorado Springs family’s cars, trucks, and SUV’s in our two shops since 1993, but this one is a beauty!  We got a picture of the odometer to post to our Facebook page.  The picture was the beginning of our “Moon Car” research and now our new “Moon Car Club” at Honest Accurate Auto Service.

The Moon Car Club is our way of recognizing our loyal customers and their vehicles for their maintenance heroics, high mileage, and up-keep of their vehicles.  We also find that through the miles, these vehicles many times become like a family member to their owners, many are given names, and oh, the stories!

Honest Accurate has spotted and identified more than 40 “moon cars” (mileage enough to get to the moon and farther) owned by our customers who have been trusting us to care for their vehicles through the years and the miles.  We are proud to announce that our Moon Car Club is launching in 2017 and will recognize those vehicles and their owners beginning at the 250,000-mile mark signifying a trip To the Moon!

The Honest Accurate Auto Service Team has decided to select and share for our first official Moon Car Club Memeber, (the car that got us on this journey).  We are so proud to announce our first official 500,000-mile Club – To the Moon and BACK member, as Mr. Lee Horsman and his Honda Odyssey, Vanessa!

Vanessa is a 2002 Honda Odyssey with only one owner!  Lee and Vanessa had many adventures together and have actually tracked over 592,000 miles together!   We asked Lee to share some of Vanessa’s story and what he does to keep her running to the moon and back!  Here’s our first high mileage moon car video.

If you would like the best kept secrets to keeping your vehicle on the road to the moon (and back) here’s more tips for you in our blog.  High Mileage Maintenance Tips

More Moon Cars to come…. And if you have a Moon Car, we’d love to share your story too.  Just give us a call or send an email with your story to RLynn@HonestAccurateAuto.com

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