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We have talked about keeping your vehicle clean on the outside, but what about the cleanliness of your fuel system? Your fuel system consists of your air filter, fuel filter, throttle body, fuel injectors, fuel pump, and gas tank. Over time, dirt, sediment, and carbon deposits build up in the system, which will negatively affect your car’s performance, decrease gas mileage, and increase exhaust emissions. If you notice that your car is hard to start at times, if it hesitates and stutters upon starting, or if you notice decreased fuel mileage, then you are probably in need of a fuel system cleaning. Generic fuel system cleaners can maintain an already clean fuel system, but will not thoroughly clean the entire system. Over-the-counter cleaners can cause fuel system damage, depending upon their composition, whereas professional cleaners are significantly more effective. A professional cleaner will clean your fuel system, as well as your intake valves, ports and combustion chambers which can help reduce problems such an engine surge, stalling, stumble, hesitation and power loss. A competent ASE technician will be able to tell you which kind of cleaner will best clean your vehicle. In addition, professional fuel system cleaners will help prevent rust and corrosion in your fuel system, and are therefore very helpful in keeping your vehicle running strong, smooth, and efficient into the New Year!

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