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Why should you take your car to a shop with highly experienced technicians (mechanics)? Don’t all shops have experienced technicians?

I asked our technicians why our shops are different than other shops where they have worked previously, and why that matters to our customers. One of our technicians, Micah (from the West shop), states that he has worked at several shops but this is the best shop he has ever worked at. He appreciates the sense of teamwork that he has seen at our shop – technicians help each other out and everyone works together to the benefit of our customers.

The uniqueness of our shop breaks down to: wonderful people and teamwork, wealth of knowledge and skill of our technicians, commitment to excellence, streamlined procedures, and great access to resources.

The most consistent theme I heard was the sense of teamwork between our technicians. Since our technicians work on salary (not on commission or by the job), it does not “cost” them time and money to help out their fellow technicians. Our pay structure encourages cooperation between our staff, because they get paid regardless of whether they are working on their own car or helping on another tech’s car.

John at our Tutt Blvd. shop states, “In my 35 years in the industry, I have never felt the freedom to give of myself (to other technicians) without the concern of providing for my family!” Roy states that he doesn’t feel the need to “rush” through a job to get to the next one because of finances, and he can take the necessary time to do the job right.

Number of years of experience: Our technicians are surrounded by other like-minded, experienced and educated technicians who have the attitude to strive for excellence. In other shops where they have worked, generally there are only 1-2 technicians with the expanse of experience our technicians possess. Most of our technicians have several years of experience working in this field (some over 40 years), and 7 out of 10 are Master Certified ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) technicians. Master technicians have passed 7 different tests on all the various systems (engine repair and performance, transmission, suspension, brakes, heating and A/C, & electrical systems). Here, they have many people to bounce ideas off of when they run into one of the really tough problems.

The “art” of being a mechanic. Over the years, our technicians develop a “feel” or intuition for what things should look like and feel like – Joe calls it being a “gearhead”. For example, inexperienced “lube” techs at some quick oil change facilities may over-tighten drain plugs, which may require an oil pan replacement ($500 repair). We have replaced several oil pans as a result of others mistake. Looking under a car, an experienced technician will notice things that an inexperienced technician may miss. Simply put, our technicians strive for excellence and have the experience to back it up.

Fewer “come-backs”. Our highly experienced technicians take pride in doing it right the first time – and it shows. Certainly mistakes can happen, or parts may fail, but historically our “come-back” rate is less than one-fifth of the national average. Our reputation depends on standing by our word and taking responsibility in order to make it right for you, the customer.

Efficiency. What takes a relatively inexperienced technician an hour to diagnose will take an experienced technician less time. Experience teaches technicians where to look and how to develop processes that streamline work and the diagnosis of problems.

Access to resources. As an independent repair shop, if our technicians need information or new equipment, we can make that happen quickly. We do not have layers of “red tape” to make decisions. We also financially support continuing education for all of our techs, Service Advisors, and administrative people.

We are able to retain this excellent, consistent staff because we support our staff with proper equipment, paid time off, health/accident/disability insurance, and employee retirement contributions.

When we say “Your Family Can Trust our Family”, we mean it. We keep our prices competitive and make automotive maintenance and repair easy and convenient for you.

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