Headlight Restoration and Polishing Helps Visibility in Winter

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Keep headlights in good shape for winter driving safety

Does it seem particularly dark driving home from work these days?  Good visibility is extremely important when driving at night. We may be able to see other cars with brake and running lights, but what about that deer that suddenly crosses the road? Visibility is significantly diminished when one of your headlights is burned out or if your headlights lenses are dull, cloudy, and scratched.

Cloudy headlight lenses provide poor visibility

Check to make sure both of your headlights are operational and, if not, have the bulb(s) replaced immediately.  However, if the problem is the headlight lenses, those can be restored and made to look new again!  Headlight lenses are made from a poly-carbonate material that can get scratched from sunlight, sand, and harsh chemicals on the roadway. Gravel roads take a particularly hard toll on the lenses!

If you have any of these signs of oxidation, heavy scratches, and cloudiness on your headlight lenses, it’s time for a headlight restoration and polish service.

Honest Accurate Auto Service provides headlight restoration and polish for all Asian, Domestic, and European vehicles.  Yes, trucks need headlight restorations too! We have a 6-step process in our headlight restoration and polish service that cleans and refinishes the lens surface.  The process takes an hour and includes:

  • taping around the lens to protect your vehicle paint while cleaning the lens
  • applying progressively fine, mild abrasives
  • finishing with a fine polishing compound, applied with an orbital buffer


The materials used bring the luster back to the lens, making it look shiny and bright again.

Let our professional Honest Accurate team take care of your headlights before our winter weather get bad.  Headlight replacement can cost $400 and up! Headlight restoration and polishing the lens is a good inexpensive alternative for increased visibility this winter.

Give the gift of light – a headlight restoration and polish service is a great Christmas present! We even have gift certificates available for the holiday season!  Just call one of our two locations in Colorado Springs to schedule your headlight restoration and polish service.   Or better yet, get one for you and one as a gift for a loved one!

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  • Honest Accurate Auto always gives me great service! I dealt with Heath and he did a great job(as always) of communicating the needs that My vehicle had and my options to care for those needs. These folks are great and never failed to help me when I have a need with my vehicle. Also for this oil change I was able to use an oil change card I had purchased, so it was done for a very reasonable price!

    Mitchell Buck 2/19/2021
  • I was desperately in need of tires and a new wheel for my spare after an unfortunate incident. Honest Accurate was able to get me a matching used wheel for a great price. They picked up and delivered my vehicle back to me with 5 brand new tires! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I’m ready for Winter driving without a worry!

    Tory Travers 2/12/2021