Headlight Polishing & Restoration in Colorado Springs


By: Aleyah Bornschein

Why are their lights brighter than mine? Are my lights even on? Why can’t I see very far? Do these seem like familiar questions to you? If so, you may benefit from a Headlight Restoration and Polishing!

When people notice that their headlights aren’t shining as brightly as they wish they were, they instantly think their bulbs need replacement, when that probably isn’t really needed! Headlight lenses are made from a polycarbonate plastic, which means they can become dirty, scratched, and damaged over time. Headlight lenses can especially become aged due to UV-Rays, weather, oxidation, magnesium chloride, gravel, etc. Even if you do have to get a new light bulb, the brightness of your headlights will still be reduced because of the fogginess of the lenses.

If you are a wearer of glasses, imagine this: you just came back inside from being out in a snow storm, your glasses are covered in snow but still have some spots on the glasses. Imagine seeing through your glasses like that for the rest of the time you wear them! (If you are not an eye-glass wearer, use your creative imagination!) That is exactly how it is with headlights – in the beginning they are clear and perfect, but over time they become dirty and scratched from whatever comes their way. Then there are only small spots throughout the cover to shine through and visibility is significantly diminished. A Headlight Polishing and Restoration can solve your problem!

Visibility is EXTREMELY important when driving, and some people don’t take that as seriously as they should. With the time change coming up Nov. 4th, it will be dark when you leave work, and we will have more winter weather that reduces visibility. Now picture the deer that randomly crosses the road, or construction traffic with curbs or cones, etc. – you need all the light you can get from your headlights that illuminate the roadway (just like Rudolph with the rest of the pack!). Our headlights are necessary for our safely, so take care of them! A headlight replacement can cost up to $400, but having your headlights cleaned and buffed is an inexpensive way to increase your visibility.

With that said, Honest Accurate Auto Service is just the place to do it! Here we use a 6-steps process to restore and polish your headlights that completely cleans and refinishes the surfaces. This process takes roughly an hour and includes these steps:

  • Taping around the lens to protect your vehicle’s paint while cleaning the lens
  • Applying increasingly finer levels of sand paper to the buffer to progressively make it clearer and shiny
  • Finishing with a fine polishing compound, applied with an orbital buffer

Let the mechanics and advisors here at Honest Accurate Auto Service help you along the path of freshly clean, shiny headlights that let you see as good as new – especially before the winter weather comes our way!

Headlights ~ “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”  You can help other people let theirs shine as well with our Gift Certificates which are perfect for Christmas! Just call one of our two locations in Colorado Springs to schedule your Headlight Restoration and Polishing service. Better yet, get one for you and a loved one as well!



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