Preparing Your Car For Winter In Colorado

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A Full Guide on Preparing Your Car for The Winter in Colorado Springs

A quick reminder: Now is the time to give your car a good clean up and waxing before the cooler weather arrives.  With some of Colorado Springs best weather still to come in Sept., take the time to clean the outside and inside of your vehicle and be ready for winter (oh, banish the thought!) when it is harder to clean your car.

Preparing the Exterior of Your Car:

Preparing Your Car For the WinterTime to give your car a good “bubble bath”… be sure and use a specially designed car wash to clean off the dirt particles from the paint surface.  These specially-made solutions will remove the dirt, without removing the existing wax.

Repair any paint chips or scratches to prevent rust and further deterioration.  The paint finish will also benefit from a good wax job twice a year to help protect the finish from our strong Colorado Springs sun and the corrosive magnesium chloride that is applied to our roads, preventing ice build-up and slippery conditions.

Don’t forget to apply a good windshield water repellent product (Rain-X is one choice, but there are several on the market) after you clean the windshield.  You will be thankful that you did, especially the next time it rains – you will be able to see clearly.  It takes a little “elbow grease” (similar to car wax), but the rewards are worth it!

As the days get shorter, you will also depend upon your headlights more and more.  Check your headlight lens covers – are they scratched and cloudy?  Having a professional Headlight Polish will brighten your lights considerably!

Preparing the Interior of Your Car:

First, throw away all forms of trash and old food.  Odors from these items can attract rodents. For some reason, they are drawn to electrical wires, and can create havoc with your electrical system. These types of electrical problems can be extremely difficult to pinpoint and diagnose.  Finish with a good vacuum to get rid of all the crumbs and sand or rocks and use pressurized air to get those particles out of the small crevices.

Help maintain your car’s value by treating the vinyl surfaces with a vinyl dressing product, such as Armor All.  Wipe down all seats, door handles, and your dash to prevent cracking.  Utilizing a sun visor/dash cover will also help protect the dash from the sun’s damaging rays.

Cabin filters also need to be changed periodically to keep your car smelling fresh!  Similar to your furnace filter, dust and particles are trapped in the filter and can become quite dirty and odiferous.

Besides making your car more enjoyable to drive now, your time and “elbow grease” will pay off when the time comes to trade or sell your car.  Most buyers perceive a clean car as a well-maintained car…a vehicle they would be willing to pay a premium to own. We think it is so important, that we always include a good vacuum, interior wipe-down, and “bubble bath” with any of our services.

Need more technical help? Contact Honest Accurate Auto Service for all of your needs for auto repair in Colorado Springs! Our technicians have the ‘know-how’ to get the job done right!

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