Spark Plug Inspection

Spark Plug Inspection or “Tune Up”

Many customers call and ask for a “tune up” because they may have noticed that their vehicle is running rough, hesitating, or stalling or they have a noticeable loss of power or decreased gas mileage. 

However, today’s vehicles do not require the type of adjustments that used to be needed.  Gone are the days of adjusting the air/fuel mixtures on the carburetor and replacing or adjusting the points on the distributor. 

Modern vehicles have computers with electronic components that either work or don’t work and are not designed to be “adjusted”, but rather replaced when they do fail. These include oxygen sensors MAP sensors, cam/crankshaft position sensors, electronic control modules (ECM’s), and the list goes on.    Typically, when one of these components fails, or starts to fail, your vehicle’s Check Engine Light will go on, your vehicle may go into “limp mode” (it drives, but with very little power), or it will quit altogether and will require a tow to a repair shop.

Spark plugs do require periodic replacement as they are a replacement part.  Technicians can check your spark plugs to determine the “gap” between the center electrode and the ground electrode. Over time and with constant firing, this gap eventually erodes and requires more energy to fire.  Valve adjustments can also be beneficial for vehicles that require valve adjustments by improving when the valves open and close. This can improve engine performance.       

At Honest Accurate Auto Service, we also believe in trying the simplest and most cost-effective action first…maybe the engine air filter simply needs to be changed.  A little fresh air can go a long way!

If your engine is running rough, bring it to the experts at Honest Accurate Auto Service and let us help you enjoy your driving again!