Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Car Repair and Noises

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Is your car making strange noises?  Your honest accurate service advisor and/or Colorado Springs auto repair mechanic can help you diagnose the problem, but they need your help.  You can expedite the diagnosis procedure by relaying what the noise sounds like, when it happens and what part of the car you think it might be coming from.  A few examples:


CHIRP:  A sound like a bird is nesting in your engine, which could indicate a poorly adjusted belt or the idler pulley, or a bird in your engine.

CLUNK:  (Either front or rear end) The suspension bushings, shocks or strut mounts should be checked.

HUMMMMM:  Often difficult to tell exactly where it is coming from, this could be a differential wheel bearing (or mother-in-law) problem.  Pay attention if it occurs on acceleration, deceleration, or is constant.

GRINDING:  A terrible noise that should never to be taken lightly.  Something is going bad, and needs to be looked at quickly (brakes, bearings or???).

There are many other types of sounds (to be addressed in future articles) that may be heard or felt, but be aware of your car’s particular sounds.  The technician must be able to hear the sound you are complaining of to accurately diagnose the problem.  For example, if the problem you are experiencing only occurs upon starting a cold engine, be prepared to leave your car overnight so that the problematic circumstances can be duplicated. Diagnosing car problems is an art!  YourHonest Accurate technician can use your bi-lingual, auditory assistance…chirp, clunk, hummmm…

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