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Is it Time to Bring Your Car in for A Tune Up Service in Colorado Springs?

Maybe you are firing on all cylinders, but your car may not be!  Is it time for a “tune-up”?

A few signs that your car needs attention:

·         Decreased gas mileage

·         Noticeable loss of power

·         Engine running rough, hesitating or stalling

·         Engine noise upon acceleration

·         Hard starting at any time

·         Any engine noise that goes up or down with engine speed

·         Indicator warning lights (Check Engine Light on)

·         Drips or puddles of fluid under your car

·         Adding oil between oil changes (leakage or usage)

No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road – is there ever a good time for that to happen?!  The performance of your car can always be improved with regular maintenance and attention.  If you notice any of the above symptoms, it may be time to have an oil change service and, while you’re at it, have an inspection of your vehicle’s engine systems.

Tune Up Colorado SpringsWhat is a “tune-up”?  Tune-ups used to consist of changing your spark plugs, adjusting your carburetor, and setting the timing on the distributor.  Since most modern vehicles do not have a carburetor or distributor any longer, these tasks are no longer required.  However, spark plugs still require periodic replacement and your engine’s valves need to be reset to factory specifications for your car’s engine to run smoothly and efficiently.

Check your Owner’s Manual for recommended intervals for spark plug replacement on your particular vehicle. There is a wide spread in recommendations. Copper or nickel core spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 miles, platinum plugs should be changed every 60-100,000 miles, and iridium plugs can last 100-120,000 miles. With time and mileage, the spark plug gap (where the spark occurs) erodes until the gap widens beyond its capability to fire your engine’s air/gas mixture efficiently.

Today’s vehicles have on-board computers that if malfunctioning can create some of the above symptoms as well.  They control several of the electrical systems in your car.  Although the computers cannot be “tuned up”, these Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) may require replacement if they are not working properly.

The problem could also be as simple as your car needing a new engine air filter.  The engine needs air to combust the gas, and if the filter is clogged, your car may be losing power and fuel economy.

We want to save you money and make sure your car is working at its highest level, so we always look for the simplest solutions FIRST.  The best insurance against being stranded is to be proactive, and listen to your car’s warning signs…it has a lot to tell you if you would just listen carefully (just like listening to your wife or husband).

Contact us today to discuss your needs if it is time for a tune up of your vehicle. Visit our Honest Accurate Auto Shop today.

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