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The Best Apps for Road Trips to and from Colorado Springs

There’s no doubt that technology can let us down (which is why we recommend you have an atlas on every road trip). However, as these handy road trip apps show, it can also make your life infinitely easier. We’re fairly certain that our parents and grandparents would have loved being able to find a hotel nearby when driving at 2 a.m. They would have loved even more avoiding a catastrophic bedbug infestation after quickly scanning the reviews for said hotel.

Road trip apps really can save your behind while traveling! That’s why we’ve collected a list of the best road trip apps for traveling in Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak region and all parts beyond.

We’ve broken these top road trip apps down by type so you can quickly scan to find the right ones for you. Safe travels!

Pre-Road Trip Planning Apps

Get your journey off on the right foot (or is it tire?) with this recommendation for the best app for planning a road trip!


Roadtrippers is one of the best road trip planning apps and one of the best apps for long road trips. Build out your trip, your stops, your roadside attractions and more. Plus, you can collaborate with other members of your trip. Best of all, it can double as a road trip tour guide app by showing you cool points of interest and more.


Road Trip Navigation Apps

There are many ways to get where you’re going while roadtripping – which road trip navigation app can get you there the fastest? Or the easiest? These apps all have great features that can help you decide the right one for you.

Google Maps

This standard navigation app will help you get to your destination. It has options to help you find food, nearby gas stations and lodging along your route. As an aside, it’s one of the best apps to find hotels while driving and makes it easy to book rooms.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is an iPhone-based app, but since nearly half of all smartphone users (or more depending on the stats) have iPhones, it’s worth mentioning. It comes pre-installed on your phone, which is handy. Some users report navigation issues, so keep that in mind.

Waze Navigation App

Waze has rapidly become a favorite for travelers because of cool features like alerting you to stalled cars, police presence and traffic accidents. The reports are crowdsourced by your fellow drivers, making it more accurate than any radio traffic report.


Road Trip Music Apps and Podcast Apps

While music can be counted as entertainment, we feel like these road trip music apps deserve a place of their own. After all, there is nothing more important than choosing the appropriate soundtrack for all your epic memories.


Spotify is free to download and its free versions does have decent options like skipping songs. The paid subscription allows you to create and download songs and shows to your phone to listen to when you’re online. That’s pretty handy when you’re out of the service area.


Pandora is another music app that has a free option that operates like terrestrial radio. There are two more options that give you more control and options. Pandora also has podcasts, which means you can also listen to your favorite shows.

Local Radio Station Apps

Feeling nostalgic on your road trip? Local Colorado Springs radio stations like My 99.9 or KILO 94.3 have online streaming options to allow you to catch your favorite morning shows and top hits.

Apple Podcasts

This comes standard on all iPhones and has a lot of options for free content you can download and listen to offline. If you have favorite shows, you can easily link them.

Podcast Addict

If you have an Android or other device, this is a great platform for listening to your favorite podcasts.


Restaurant Finder Apps

Anyone who ever traveled during the pre-internet “olden days” knows the terror of driving a carload of hungry kids down a backroad wondering if there will be any restaurants or fast food choices nearby. These restaurant finder apps can give you peace of mind. Refer to the entertainment apps for keeping the kids busy until you finally arrive.


Yelp isn’t just an app where grumpy people complain. It’s also useful for helping you find food as you travel. Get menus, order ahead and yes, check out those grumpy reviews. Once it’s installed, you can keep it so you can Yelp Colorado Springs restaurants the next time you can’t decide where to eat.

Doordash and Uber Eats (Use Them To Plan Ahead!)

Doordash and Uber are not necessarily road trip restaurant apps but you can use them to get an idea of where to eat based on a search from your current location. It includes reviews and menus, so you also benefit from being able to scout your options as you drive.


Hotel Finder Apps

Remember the scenario above where we noted our forefathers would have loved a hotel finder app? Here are a couple for you. Don’t forget to check those reviews. is not just for pre-planning hotel stays. You can also use it to find hotels along a driving route. While we don’t recommend last-minute hotel reservations (in case you can’t find any), this app offers pretty great deals when you have to change plans.

Don’t forget to check your navigation apps to find hotel rooms nearby. Several of our recommendations have the option!

Road Trip Weather Apps

Road trip weather apps are one of the must-have apps for road trips. They’re useful even if you’re not actually traveling far. Just ask any Colorado Springs resident traveling from sunny conditions in Security to a blizzard in Briargate on a random January afternoon. Here are some of our favorite apps to track weather on road trips.


WeatherBug is a handy app with up-to-the-minute weather reporting based on area. You can target your current location or set up alerts for locations ahead of you on the road. The alert options are robust: rain, flash floods and even the pollen report for the area.

Drive Weather

Another great road trip weather forecast app is Drive Weather. It overlays weather forecasts with your planned route. Never let bad weather ruin good trips again!

This list of road trip apps should be very helpful, whether you are zipping around Colorado Springs or traveling across the nation. Don’t forget to have your car inspected before you go! Honest Accurate can help ensure you hit the road safely.

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