Traveling for the Holidays- Check your Tires

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Headed home for the holidays? During this busy time of year, the roads seem to be filled from dusk until dawn. I don’t have to remind you of the sarcasm in the lyric, “From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific!”. The good news is that you and your family have some great destinations this holiday season. We’ve got a simple tip to help you stay safe on the road this winter.

Winter weather introduces snow, ice, and winter storms to us on the road. To be safe on the road in rough weather conditions, you first need to have a safe vehicle. Your tires are the only thing that connect you to the road. So, your tires are an incredibly important part of your journey!

How can you make sure your tires are safe? You may be surprised that you have all the tools it takes to check out your tire tread. This simple test will show you if your tread is in good condition or if a professional should check it out, and you only need a penny!

Tire tread depth should be greater than 2/32”. To measure this easily, grab a penny and place it into several tread grooves with the top of Lincoln’s head in the groove. If you can still see the top of his head, your tread may be too small. If part of his head is covered, your tread is greater than 2/32”. Measure at several places on the tire to see if the tread wears evenly. If you notice the tread depth varies, tire pressure or improper alignment may be the cause. Having your alignment checked is the next step for safe driving. You can also check tires to see if the tread bars built into the tire are visible. The way your car performs in the rain and snow depends on the tread. A professional can make sure your tires are safe for winter weather.

At Honest Accurate Auto, we want you and your family to stay safe all year long, but especially during the winter. We know that the winter weather and busy roads make driving a little more stressful this time of year, so we want to do our part to make you feel comfortable. We are committed to making your tires and cars as safe as possible. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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