What to Know Before Buying a Diesel Truck

diesel truck maintenance and repair

What do you need to know about owning a diesel car truck or SUV before buying one? Well, there is a few things that will help you make an educated decision.

First, do you have a lot of money? I say this because whether you buy a European diesel, or an American diesel truck you will need to be prepared to spend money on repairs. Everything in a diesel engine is more expensive. From injectors to the after treatment systems that clean up the dirty exhaust called particulate filters, everything is pricey. Diesel trucks also require more maintenance and have more filters than gas cars. Don’t let this scare you but think twice when you think you are saving money because you are getting better gas mileage. If you need a diesel truck to haul things or use it for work, then keep up on regular maintenances and you will not have as many big repairs. On the flip side, diesel cars and trucks are a great option for many that tow or have long commutes and owning one can provide lower long-term ownership costs with proper maintenance and care.

When looking to buy a diesel truck make sure to look at the hours on the engine. Miles are not always a good indicator of its use or age. The hours on an engine can indicate a much different story. Most diesels being used for work spend a lot of time idling. One hour of idle time is equivalent to twenty-five miles of driving so always inspect the “engine hours” displayed in the instrument cluster and do the math on how many actual miles it probably has.

Do not rush your diesel car, truck or SUV purchase. Take your time, inspect the undercarriage for rust or signs of leaks and most importantly get a pre-purchase inspection by a trained diesel technician who can tell you the flaws of the vehicle you are trying to purchase. Mechanics see so many vehicles and know which vehicles are prone to common engine, transmission and driveline problems. Listen to your mechanic and let him steer you in the right direction of which diesel to buy and ask him what to expect so you are not caught off guard by unwanted costly repairs.

Always ask for any maintenance records. These “paper trails” of oil changes, repairs and regular maintenances will tell the true story of how well a vehicle has been taken care of. Remember that once a vehicle has been poorly maintained that doing a large maintenance service on it will not fix any large problems it may have. Worn bearings in the engine cannot be mended without engine replacement or a complete rebuild so beware when a few oil changes are missing in the records or you are seeing ten to twenty thousand mile or change intervals. Even though diesels tend to hold more oil does not necessarily mean it can go longer on an oil change.

Owning a diesel can be rewarding as they tent to get better fuel mileage, have more torque for pulling heavy loads, and when meticulously maintained can run forever and be extremely reliable. Have our trained technicians at Honest Accurate Auto service give you the insight you need about owning a diesel truck or car before you buy one!

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